Category development


Eurocash supports the development of product sales, which are crucial in building the competitiveness of the Group's business partners. It dynamically invests in categories such as alcohol - by supporting the sale of wines, beers and strong drinks through modern shelf management models. Entrepreneurs also receive access to a wide range of private labels and high-quality ready-to-eat meals.

Faktoria Win – easier selection of wine

Faktoria Win is an innovative format of wine shelf management, which can be found in stores throughout Poland. The section was created to help customers to decide when buying wine and to change the entire process into a pleasure.
As a trusted seller, Eurocash personally reaches the producers and knows how all the offered wines taste. In every shop with a shelf marked with the Faktoria Win logo you can quickly and easily find wines divided into five categories:
for a gift
for a date
with a meal
for relaxation
with friends
The experts of Faktoria Win, their knowledge and competences allow you to provide Polish customers with excellent quality wine for every pocket and every opportunity. The concept was already awarded by experts in 2015, when
Faktoria Win won the Golden Award in the Effie Awards competition - the jury appreciated how the new wine sales model responds to the needs of consumers, thus strengthening the brand image.

Piwne Terytoria – the real taste of beer

Piwne Terytoria is a specialized model of beer shelf management, which promotes the sale of craft
beers in independent grocery stores. The first Piwne Terytoria were opened in January 2017 and currently
operate in 800 locations throughout the country.

As part of the concept, Eurocash permanently cooperates with 11 Polish craft brewers, also those that
for the first time had the opportunity to present their products nationwide
hanks to Piwne Terytoria.

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Promote sales with the innovative format Czas na Whisky

Czas na Whisky is a concept supporting the sale of whiskey in small-format stores, which has been implemented
in nearly 8,000 locations throughout Poland. The project gives shop owners attractive solutions in the field of
category management, which respond to the higher consumption of this drink in Poland.

Thanks to the experience of Eurocash Alkohole, a carefully selected assortment goes to store shelves - confirming
that small format stores can offer a wide range of whiskeys at an affordable price.

  • a wide range of products at good prices
  • attractive visual identification that allows you to highlight products,
  • promotion of products within categories.

A wide range of Japanese specialties
for your store

Sushi To Go - a concept that allows retail stores to sell ready-to-eat sushi -
is the answer to the needs of today's consumers. The company offers
a Japanese delicacy without the need to prepare it personally or waiting
for a dish at a restaurant. Sets are available immediately and ready to eat.

Sushi To Go has two additional brands in its portfolio: top-quality Fitto brand,
which uses the best class of salmon filet (both raw and baked rolls)
and the Green Sushi brand - in affordable kits you will find rolls with
smoked and roasted salmon.

Next to the traditional sushi sets, the offer includes also Japanese sandwiches
covered in crunchy nori or topping, Roll-dogs – sushi wraps, perfect
as an on-the-go snack as well as Sushinki which are special sets for children
without raw fish, spicy ingredients nor preservatives.

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The Eurocash Group offers
competitive private labels

A carefully expanded range of own brands
complements the Group's offer of products
of good quality available at the best prices,
as well as competitive products from the
premium segment.

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